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Siegenia Tilt and Turn Gearbox Mechanism GR1 - 601mm - 1100mm

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This Siegenia Tilt and Turn Gearbox Mechanism is a replacement part for all types of tilt and turn window gearing with a similar drive gear.

How Do I Know Which Drive Gear to Order?

Every Siegenia drive mechanism has a 16mm backset with 43mm handle hole centres.

The correct backplate length can be identified by the marking stamped on the faceplate - you should be able to see this without removing the mechanism from the door.

For example, in the below picture, you can see the faceplate is stamped with 3 Gr1 FFH 601 - 1100. The FFH sizes refer to the overall sash rebate heights, the drive gears are cut to size when fitting.



The measurements (601mm - 1100mm) indicates where the backplate teeth begin and end. 

Other Sizes

We stock this product in the following sizes:

 GR0 FFH 480mm - 600mm
 GR1 FFH 601mm - 1100mm (this listing)
 GR1a FFH 680mm - 1180mm
 GR2 FFH 1000mm - 1460mm
 GR3 FFH 1461mm - 1920mm
 GR4 FFH 1880mm - 2380mm




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