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3mm Cockspur Window Handle Striker Plates / Wedges (single wedge)

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These Striker Plates / Wedges are designed to sit underneath your cockspur window handles to help pull the window shut. They are fitted to the window frame next to the cockspur handle so that when you close the window the handle spur rotates over the ramped part of the wedge, ensuring that the window is fully closed and cold and draughts are locked out.


 Easy to fit
 Increases compression to lock out cold
 UV stable plastic material (will not discolour in direct light)

What Size Do I Need?

These striker plates come in various different sizes. To measure what size you need, please follow these steps:

 Pop the striker plate off the window and measure the centre part (the thickest part) of the wedge (see picture below - in this case, the striker plate measures 3mm. You can see this measurement on the picture. This is the part you should measure on your own striker plates / wedges to determine the size you need.)

 If you want to increase the compression of the window then add 1 - 2mm on to the size you need.

 They can be fitted back into place using strong glue.


This listing is for a single 3mm striker plate. We also sell this product in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm both as single items and in packs of 5.


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